Bin Rentals, Clean Outs and Pricing

Bin sizes: 12, 14, 17 and 21 yard bins. Standard bin rental includes delivery and pick-up. Bin is weighed in and out of the Landfill. Customer is charged for the landfill costs, cost of the bin rental plus applicable taxes.

Bin Rental Fee: Starts at $390 (dependant on distance travelled to drop the bin) for a 7-day period. This includes one ton of waste. If you require the bin for longer then 7 days, we charge an additional $10 per day or $50 for an additional week. If you are finished with the bin before the 7 days, please let us know and we will schedule the bin for the earliest pick-up.

If you would like to extend your date of pick-up, you must call 24 hours in advance to confirm the time line change.

For Bin Pick-up: Doors must be shut tightly, the load must be level and not above the sides of the bin so our tarp can cover bin evenly for transportation. There must be nothing blocking the bin for removal from the site. – If the bin is not easily removed from the site upon our arrival, an extra fee may be charged for a second attempt.

Bin Placement: Our bins should be placed on a hard flat surface, for example a concrete, asphalt or gravel driveway. Bins can be placed on grass or soft ground areas but only if specifically advised to do so by the customer.

Any expenses related to damage incurred as a result of placing a bin on concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass or soft ground etc. is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Goodbye Junk!

Hazardous Waste: Absolutely NO hazardous waste of any kind can be placed in our bins. Surcharges will be applied if hazardous waste materials are found in the bin. Costs will be high in reflection of the misuse of our bins and landfill guidelines.

Examples of Hazardous Waste: Paints, Aerosols, Fertilizers, Cleaners, Chemicals, and Batteries are just a few examples. If you are unsure of what qualifies as hazardous waste, please contact us or your Municipal office for clarification.

Additional Charges will be applied for the following items: Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners etc. (anything containing freon). Tires, rims, mattresses and box springs.

Clean Fill: Dirt, soil, concrete, bricks etc. CANNOT be placed in our bins. A separate service will need to be acquired for this type of material.

Brush: Any brush that is being removed will need to be placed in a separate bin. Brush cannot be dumped in the landfill and therefore requires a separate bin for compost dump.

Billing Process:  The cost of the bin, plus applicable taxes MUST be paid prior to the bin being dropped. The deposit can be paid by etransfer or Credit Card. Once the bin has been picked up and weighed at the landfill, you will then be invoiced for the landfill charges and any applicable taxes and additional fees based on the contents of your bin. Invoices will be sent by email to the customer.

Payment Terms: Final payments for the landfill fees can be made to Goodbye Junk by etransfer to goodbyejunk@live.ca (preferable payment method), cheque, cash, or credit card. Payment is due upon receipt.

Clean out

Goodbye Junk provides clean out services for a wide range of scenarios. Home owners, Cottagers, Real Estate Agents, Businesses, Garage, Estate, Rental units etc. Clean outs will be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays only unless otherwise discussed with Goodbye Junk.


Bin fee: Starting at $390.00 per bin required to complete the job. When multiple bins are required, the first bin starts at $390, and any subsequent bin is $50 less as long as one can be dropped and one can be picked up at the same time.

Labour (starts from when they leave the shop to when they return):

$60.00 per hour +HST for 1 labourer

$120.00 per hour + HST for 2 labourers

Landfill Fees: $180.00 per ton +HST. **Please note, this is the guideline for the Owen Sound Landfill, other landfill sites may have slightly different pricing***

****PLEASE NOTE**** It is very important that you email or text us with pictures of what you are requiring us to remove. This helps us to determine how many men and what equipment will be required to complete your clean out as efficiently as possible. If you are unable to supply us with pictures, then please be very specific in what you are requesting us to do. Is there furniture? how much? how big? (ie sectional vs. love seat). “A few odds and ends” is not a sufficient description. Is there only a couple boxes or bags worth, or is there “stuff” in every room of the house that needs to be removed. Is everything contained in boxes or bags or do we need to physically put everything into bins/buckets to remove it? Is the floor littered with junk? The answers to these types of questions is how we organize our team and equipment to provide you with the most efficient service we possibly can. We appreciate you taking all of this into consideration when booking us for your clean out.

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